Long-Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are a mixed bag. They’re great yet horrible in different aspects.

So, as you could probably guess, I am in a long distance relationship. Not in the sense that we have to fly to each other’s countries and spend hundreds to see each other. We live about 80 miles away. That’s still a significant distance in my opinion.

Being long distance definitely changes the dynamic of a relationship. Not only are you investing time, but you are also investing a fair amount of money and altering your schedules to match. Yet there’s something good about that.

You know you both love each other. You know you are both willing to make this relationship work. You know where you stand because you have to be honest. It isn’t that simple when you’re in an LGBT relationship. Public displays of affection are an option but caution is always needed, even in somewhere like the UK. It can just take one kiss in front of the wrong person to make this dangerous. Attacks and verbal abuse still happens in situations like that.

You’re probably wondering why I brought that up, right? Well if we decide to go away for the day as it’s cheaper and we are desperate to see each other, we have no choice but to be in public. I think people can take for granted being able to see each other frequently and have the option to not be in public. I know so many couples that rely on that to keep their relationship strong. We don’t have that option.

I wish we did have that option, more than anything, but we have to make do. It’s tough and sometimes unbearable. Yet, we wouldn’t be the couple we are without it.

If you’re struggling with long-distance or anything LGBT related, here are some links that may help:

Stonewall – A LGBTQ+ equality charity that provides support while also campaigning for LGBTQ+ issues

LGBT Foundation – A LGBTQ+ charity providing support, advice and information

Psychology Today – Tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work

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