Small Accomplishments: My Weekend in Bristol

When we tend to the think of recovery regarding mental health it’s often about the big steps. Whether it be taking medication or getting back into a schedule, these are all massive steps. Yet, where do the smaller, yet arguably more significant, changes stand in this?

This weekend I went to Bristol to spend the weekend with my girlfriend. It was our first official date night as we are in a long-distance relationship. She took me to see Wicked and I took her out for a meal prior to that. It was incredible in every way; though I have to admit sitting in old theatre seats when you have long legs isn’t exactly the most comfortable of things.

This not only required me to travel a fairly long distance for me but also meant taking a bus replacement service. Now, I am not good with buses at all and to be honest I don’t really know why. I took one to school for five years but for someone reason those linked to public transport I can’t cope with very well.

I managed it though. I accomplished two bus journeys in two days. They were stressful and filled with anxiety, yet I managed them. This may not sound like a huge step for some, but for me, this was a huge achievement. Arguably this doesn’t help with my recovery or make my life any easier, but at least I’ve proven myself. Sometimes recovery doesn’t have to be about getting on track with a schedule, maybe it’s just about facing various challenges?

Thus this weekend I completed a small accomplishment in my recovery. Something with little significance in my daily life. Something that many would find simple and straightforward. Something that my mind hates with a deep passion. Yet, maybe sometimes we need to complete the small yet significant stuff, as when we do so it allows not just a sense of pride, but even a new perspective.

If you’d like to visit Bristol or just want to have a look at the city, here’s a link to help you on your way:

Visit Bristol – The Official Bristol Tourist Site

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