Why Happened with 2018?

So, that was a consistent year.

I was really excited about starting this blog up at the beginning of 2018. I had so many ideas and so many concepts I wanted to write. I just wanted to start something I’d been thinking of doing for years.

Sadly, that’s not how things worked out in the end.

My mental health was a lot more inconsistent then I had expected. I guess I had a weird mindset where I thought that because I’d gone through a year of absolute hell I would instantly be fine. I know that sounds naive, but I guess I just wanted to give myself a positive outlook on the year ahead.

If you’ve looked at my entire blog you’ll notice all my first posts are now posted on the same day; January 1st 2019. I wanted to give myself a clean slate almost; a real opportunity to make this blog what I envisaged this time last year.

I’ve decided to keep this post short; I just wanted to explain the situation in case there was any confusion.

One Reply to “Why Happened with 2018?”

  1. As long as you are ok it was nice to hear that you have completed your exams, well done for that, another goal you can knock off, softly, softly catchee monkey


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